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I have always been an animal lover and when our girls asked for a pet rabbit I readily agreed.  We were gifted a beautiful japanese harlequin mini rex buck who we called Mr. Tiger Ears.  We quickly learned the benefits that his interaction provided to our special needs and neuro typical children alike.  Tactile, social, confidence and life skills building, an idea began to form. 

 The unique dense velvet like fur of the mini rex rabbit is ideal for tactile and calming therapy.  Their playful but gentle personality make them excellent companions for children facing social deficits, such as aspegers syndrome or PDD/NOS. 

Showing the rabbits is beneficial to children facing confidence and self esteem issues.  By setting goals and and facing fears at the table they learn valuable life skills.

At this time none of our rabbits are pedigreed, however we do hope to add some pedigreed showable rabbits to our program. 

Sadly we lost Mr. Tiger Ears to seizure.   He will be forever remembered and honored in our hearts!  Without him this project would never have come to be.


email to tenderlovingears@hotmail.com


We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Keala Wyles Photography for a fundraiser.  We will be doing Easter Bunny Photos!  Please contact Kaela for bookings!




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